Unikat is an exhibition curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein within Designmonat Graz 2015. It brought together 23 designers and artists, presenting works on the disappearing boundary between art and design, in an attempt to question preconceptions about the two disciplines and redefine classification. 

It seems the two methodologies of Art and Design are nowadays mixing and morphing, as designers become makers producing objects in limited editions, while artists work with easily reproducible mediums, and explore themes once the realm of design. As the roles of artist and designer become less defined, what becomes of their work? Will art and design objects be defined by their intent? Does a design object remain such even when it is a Unikat?

The Participants: Nicoleta Auersperg/ Andrea Baumann / Dana Bechert / Markus Benesch / Alberto Biagetti / Matteo Bissaca / Dean Brown / Brunno Jaharra / Fanny Justich / Tobias Kestel / Peter Mabeo / Rhine Malin / Riley McFerrin / Carolina Melis / Nucleo / mischer’traxler / OS&OOS / David Peschka / PettersenHein / Andrea Salvetti / Ranya Sarakbi / Corinne van Havre / Floris Wubben