Slow: curated show in Schloss Hollenegg

Slow is an exhibition curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein at Schloss Hollenegg. It presented the results of the Schloss Hollenegg for Design 2015 Residency Program, and brought together 21 designers in an attempt to provide a positive reading of dilatoriness. Can Design help us to be blissfully SLOW?

We are all aware that, since the Industrial Revolution, the pace of daily life has been constantly speeding up. For every generation since, yesterday is slower than tomorrow. We have trained ourselves to execute all tasks quickly, in order to optimise our most expensive resource: time. Consequently, slow has become a pejorative, synonym with excessive time consumption and therefore expensive. We often forget that quick, as opposed to slow, does not necessarily offer better or more valuable results. We need to remind ourselves that certain processes - advanced thinking among them - require a time to mature and develop. 

The Participants: BCXSY / Martin Breuer Bono / Dean Brown / Dossofiorito/ Federico Floriani / Formafantasma / Hilda Hellström / Michael Funch / Martina Lassinger / Philippe Malouin / Lucia Massari / Roos Meerman / mischer’traxler / Liliana Ovalle / Piece of Cake / PlueerSmitt / Lex Pott / Ariane Prin / Klára Šumová / Venezia Martinelli / Nel Verbeke

schloss hollenegg
dean brown