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Storialab is a design studio - based in Graz, Austria - active in the field of Exhibition Design, working from concept to production, with a curatorial approach and a focus on research. Storialab organises workshops, residencies and design exhibitions. 

Storialab also works as creative consultant offering services of creative direction, corporate image, graphic and communication. It specialises in small businesses and independent designers, helping them achieve their full potential.


Alice Stori Liechtenstein is design curator and exhibition designer. After studying architecture and design in Milan and Barcelona, in 2003 she moved to Austria and founded Storialab. She is lecturer for the Exhibition Design Master at the FH Joanneum in Graz. 

In January 2014 Alice Stori Liechtenstein launched her design blog AliceinWhateverland. In order to write daily, she visits regularly artists studios, designer’s ateliers and travels to fairs and exhibitions. Her passion for Design and her desire to support Design culture as well as emerging and talented designers, has brought her to start the project Schloß Hollenegg for Design.

She lives with her husband and three children in the Styrian countryside.